Weekly Pool Service


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Balancing Water Chemistry

We use professional test kits to get the most accurate chemical reading of your pool as possible. Without proper chemical balancing, your pool can harbor algae. A green pool is not a cool pool. With thousands of hours of experience balancing water chemistry under our belts, you’ll never have to worry about your pool turning green again.

Equipment Check-Up

We are always checking to ensure your pool equipment is running smoothly. When we find potential issues we fix it immediately. If there is a significant repair that is needed we will reach out to you on the spot.

Pool Cleaning

No debris is safe from us. We clean and remove ALL debris from your pool. No exceptions. This includes netting, brushing, and vacuuming. We remove leaves, sand, sediment and anything else that might find its way into your pool. We also empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and backwash as needed.

Weekly Reports

Detailed Records

We keep records on all of our visits for each and every account. To ensure that the warranty of your equipment does not become voided, we keep detailed records of all of our interactions with all equipment we service. We follow industry standards on repairs and maintenance, and work directly with manufacturers to make preserving warranties a breeze.


You are always in the loop. After each visit, you’ll receive an email about the services we provided during our time at your property. This will include the pool’s water chemistry, what chemicals we used to treat your pool and when it is safe to swim. 

Efficient Scheduling

With our efficient scheduling, your pool is maintained on a regular basis. We also schedule repairs quickly and efficiently so we can get your pool back in shape faster than our competition.