Certified Repairs

Professional Repairs

At Austin Pool Boys we are certified to repair any type of pool equipment. This includes pumps, heaters, and control panels. We research the serial number and find the exact parts needed. With over a decade of experience in pool repairs we can repair or replace any type of equipment.

Warranty Repairs

Depending on the type of equipment and when it was purchased, your equipment may be under warranty. We work with manufacturers to resolve most warranty issues. We keep detailed records on all of our accounts so we can communicate effectively with the manufacturer and resolve any type of warranty related issue.

Parts Replacement

We can identify and replace any small part needed. There are so many small parts and part numbers for various types of pool equipment that it may seem impossible to find the right part. With our experience in the pool industry we can identify and purchase any pool equipment related part and replace it.

New Pool Startup

Chemical Startup

The first week after a new plaster job is by far the most important time to ensure the proper curing of the plaster. At the moment the pool starts getting filled we have eyes on the project and the condition of the new plaster. We add chemicals while the pool is filling and again when the pool is full. The startup process is a 4 week process and we closely monitor water chemistry throughout the duration of that time.

Setting up Equipment

There are advanced new systems available now that requires rigorous programming. We always stay current on new systems and set them up with best practices. From wireless antennas to variable speed motors, we can program them all. We also set up and label all pool equipment and valves. This makes the equipment pad is easy to understand and trouble shoot.


After each startup period we like to educate the homeowner about their new pool. We spend a considerable amount of time going over how all of the pool equipment works and how to properly care for their new pool. We believe strongly in education and want homeowners to feel confident and proud of their new investment.